Welcome to the
Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association of Hawaii

The purpose of PAMCA is…

To develop and improve the Plumbing, Heating, Piping, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Related Trades by:

  • Sponsoring modern adequate, economical, and safe plumbing, mechanical, and related work.
  • Conducting institutional advertising, educational, and public relation programs, and promotional activities for the benefit of members and the community
  • Engaging in and furthering the cause of joint apprenticeship standards and activities
  • Entering into negotiations with labor for the benefit of members of the corporation and striving for stability in the industry by improving the employer-employee relationship

Doing all that is necessary to promote the development and improvement of the plumbing, mechanical and related trades.

To make membership in the Association a reasonable assurance to the public of the skill, integrity and responsibility of its members.

To seek correction of injurious, discriminatory or unfair business methods practiced by or against plumbing, mechanical or related trades contractors.

To secure uniformity of action among the individuals forming the Association upon such principles as may be decided upon from time to time as being for the good of the related trades as a whole.

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